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A remarkable series of photos taken in a Russian forest have been making the rounds on social media sites, showing what happens over time to instruments of carnage discarded in the woods. The striking images depict rifles, artillery shells, grenades and sapper shovels embedded in tree trunks - essentially swallowed up by the natural surroundings in a silent act of protest against human folly. It is likely that the helmets came to rest on young saplings during a battle. Over time, the maturing trees widened the bullet holes, and the helmets essentially became impaled.



(Navajo Skinwalkers)

"Yenaldlooshi literally means “that which walks/travels like an animal".

The Skinwalkers are the Witches Witch, the Highest Priests or Priestesses who practice cannibalism and necrophilia, those who are no longer human – but are profound deviants – pure evil.

Trained in both physical medicine for the body and spiritual medicine for the soul - they combine the two tightly in their practice. Initiation into this life is normally done through the killing a member of their immediate family, usually a sibling.”

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